Start guide

Desktop environment

Here is a capture of the Oxygen desktop environment.

Oxygen desktop environment
It allows to :
  • Search an application

  • Execute an application

  • Close/minimize/maximize an application

  • Minimize all applications

Havoc terminal

Another way of starting applications is to first start the havoc terminal and to enter the application path in the bash command line (for ex /usr/games/gnuchess or /usr/bin/vim or vim).

Havoc terminal

Close/minimize/maximize an application

Using the app window decoration, the user can close or minimize the associated window. The minimized windows appear on top of the search input.

Minimize all applications

Using the “Axel” (teddy bear) icon on the right of each window decoration, the user can minimize all windows at once.

Autoexec app

It is possible to define an autostart application by specifying it in the url thanks to the “a” parameter. For example:

Import files in exaequOS

Files stored on the host machine can be imported in the local file system of exaequOS by launching the exio command from the terminal (in the current directory).